Image creation wonderings.

  1. Osprey Family Journey

    2023-08-15 23:40:23 UTC
    Began frequenting an Osprey nest at the beginning of July.  One offspring was discovered and the following images are a summary of the activity from initial contact to fledging on August 14th, 2023.  Unable to put into words what this experience brought to all of us involved.  Suffice it to…

  2. American Bittern

    2022-09-28 05:51:28 UTC
    Seem to have been meeting up frequently with American Bittern lately and provided with intersection of preparation and opportunity on the regular in terms of imaging outcomes.  Lighting conditions, and positioning on both our parts have brought about optimal creative interaction.

  3. Juvenile GBH back home.

    2022-09-08 01:47:49 UTC
    Happened upon the return to natural habitat for this juvenile Great Blue Heron (G.B.H.) this morning at Des Moines Beach Park.  They’d been injured near a Des Moines area rookery prior to fledging and spent the past several months at wildlife rehabilitation in Lynnwood.  They emerged from their transport crate…

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