Image creation wonderings.

  1. Up the creek

    30 Sep 2021
    Much can be said about being in the right place at the right time.  In fact, this is what creating wildlife images is all about One ‘right place at the right time’ played out several days ago when down on the beach park at low tide. Just happened to come…

  2. Shoreside Killdeer

    28 Jul 2021
    Pleased to recently have spied a friendly Killdeer on the shore at Des Moines Beach Park.  I say friendly, because most small shore birds are not prone to allowing such access, but this one was nice enough to tolerate me for these images. Thanx, friendly Killdeer. 

  3. “Ol’ Sodden”

    16 Jul 2021
    Have for several years admired a large sodden tree stump/trunk seemingly dug in to its resting place at the mouth of Des Moines Creek.  It was positioned in a way that set up perfect as a perch and as such caught my eye as a premium set for images.  With…

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